Chapter 31: Object Support & Rehousing

Rachael Perkins Arenstein, Lisa Goldberg, Eugenie Milroy

Well-designed storage and support systems for individual items and collections are crucial in meeting goals for preventive care. This chapter will cover challenges and considerations in designing storage mounts and implementing rehousing solutions, as well as principles that can be applied to achieve appropriate support and space efficiency. The condition of individual items, the general philosophy guiding storage for broader collections and availability of institutional resources will impact the design of rehousing solutions. In turn, these factors will influence item configuration, choice of materials and tools, construction technique and space efficiency. The chapter will use a tiered approach to creating solutions that apply to storage, thus stimulating the reader to think about ways to transfer and adapt methods and materials for different types of collections. Practical considerations relating to mass production, health and safety in material choice and construction techniques will also be covered.