Volume 4: 2015-2016

Papers presented at the Electronic Media Group session of the 43rd AIC Annual Meeting, Miami, Florida, 2015, and the 44th AIC Annual Meeting, Montreal Canada, 2016.

Briana Feston-Brunet, Managing Editor

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Papers presented at the Electronic Media Group Session, AIC 43rd Annual Meeting, May 13–16, 2015, Miami, Florida

The Fragile Surface: Preserving the CD-DA
John Passmore

QCTools: A Consideration of Free Software for the Quality Control of Video Digitization
Dave Rice and Benjamin Turkus

Digital Applications for Film Preservation
Erik Piil and Peter Oleksik

Cross-disciplinary Conservation: Building a Synergetic Time-based Media Lab
Joanna Phillips

Computational Provenance and Computational Reproducibility: What Can We Learn about the Conservation of Software Art from Current Research in the Sciences?
Deena Engel and Mark Hellar

Tackling Obsolescence through Virtualization: Facing Challenges and Finding Potentials
Patricia Falcao, Annet Dekker, and Pip Laurenson

Defining an Ethical Framework for Preserving Cory Arcangel’s Super Mario Clouds
Emilie Magnin

Archiving The Brotherhood: Proposing a Technical Genealogy for Time-Based Works
Joey Heinen

Jeremy Blake’s Time-Based Paintings: A Case Study
Julia Kim and Don Mennerich

Papers presented at the Electronic Media Group Session, AIC 44th Annual Meeting, May 13–17, 2016, Montreal, Canada

Conservation and Digital Preservation: (Where) Do the Two Roads Meet?
David Stevenson

Videotape Deterioration Mechanisms and Conservation Remedies: A Primer
Erik Piil

How Sustainable is File-based Video Art? Exploring the Foundations for Best Practice Development
Brian Castriota, Sophie Bunz, Flaminia Fortunato, Carole Maître

Recovering the Eyebeam Collection Following Superstorm Sandy: Conservation lessons for all revealed by a multimedia disaster
Kara Van Malssen

Re-Constructions: Preserving the Video Installations of Buky Schwartz
Eddy Colloton

Matters in Media Art III: Sustaining Digital Video Art
Martina Haidvogl and Peter Oleksik

Putting the Time Base back in Time Based Media Conservation
Benjamin Turkus and Kelly Haydon

Slow Dissolve: Re-presenting Synchronised Slide-based Artworks in the 21st Century
Fergus O’Connor

When Functionality Is Everything: A case study in recovering flood damaged electronic parts from a musical instrument collection
Hayley Robb

Pinball for Posterity: Adapting the preservation principles of libraries to preserve arcade and pinball collections at The International Center for the History of Electronic Games
Carrie McNeal, Jeremy Saucier, Martin Reinhardt

Emulation as a Conservation Strategy for Software-Based Art
Panelists: Deena Engel, Dragan Espenschied, Ben Fino-Radin, Mark Hellar, Joanna Phillips

Best Practices for Conservation of Media Art from an Artist’s Perspective
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

Susan Kare and Her Macintosh Icons: A Co-Acquisition
Ben Fino-Radin, Martina Haidvogl and Mark Hellar

Unauthorized Archives and Unreleased Software: Preserving a Cancelled Project
James Hodges