Guidelines for Authors


The OSG Postprints follow the 2018 JAIC Style Guide, with the exception that first person voice and active tense are encouraged when appropriate. Please reference the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition for questions not specifically addressed by the Style Guide.

Word limit

7,000 words (3,000 words for Tips)

How OSG handles review

Peer reviewers knowledgeable in the content area and the OSG Postprints Editors will review contributions for clarity and content. An outside publishing vendor will perform copy editing and formatting. Editors will make minor changes, but will contact authors to check factual information, answer unresolved questions, and request changes if the need for revision is substantial. Authors have the opportunity to review a final proof before publication.

Tips Submissions

Tips presenters are encouraged to contribute to the Postprints. Tips submissions may be more casual than session articles and should be limited to 3,000 words and 10 images. Style and formatting should otherwise follow the OSG guidelines. Tips will be reviewed by the OSG editors but not peer-reviewed.

Preparing your article

  • Single-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font, with a single space after the period at the end of each sentence.
  • Do not use special Microsoft Word formatting (such as footnotes, embedded images, page numbers, text boxes, citation/bibliography tools, etc.). Plain text blocks, with italicized font where called for is sufficient.
  • Compare finished manuscript to 2018 JAIC Style Guide to check for Reference format, preferred spellings, etc.


Required and optional sections (click on the image below to see an example article)

  • Title
  • Abstract (100-200 words)
  • Keywords
  • the text of your article
  • Acknowledgments (if any)
  • Appendix (if any)
  • Notes (if any)
  • References –  For works directly cited in the text
  • Further Reading (if any) – For works not specifically cited in the text
  • Sources of Materials (if any)
  • Author biography (100-150 words) including contact information



Please do not insert any images in the document itself. To indicate where you would like figures to appear, insert the desired captions at the appropriate locations in the running text. Figures can include photographs, illustrations, maps, diagrams, and stills from or links to video clips (please contact the editors for further information if you intend to submit video clips).

Image limit

20 images (10 images for Tips)

Acceptable file formats


Image quality

Files should be at least 300 dpi at print size (roughly 4 x 6 inches). Please note that the quality of the final product in our various output formats (currently PDF and eReader files) is dependent upon the quality of the file submitted.

Image captions

All images must have captions with image credits, placed roughly where you would like them to appear in your text (please DO NOT insert the images themselves, just the captions). Each image should be discussed in the text of your article and given a parenthetical citation (fig. x). The first image caption describing an accessioned artwork should contain the following information, as applicable:

Fig. 3. Optional description of image. Artist Name, Artwork Title, date, materials, H x W x D cm (dimensions in a metric unit). Institution or Collection, accession number (Courtesy of Photographer or Institution)

Subsequent captions referring to the same artwork need not repeat all tombstone information.

Submission process

Authors will be invited to join a Dropbox folder named with the primary author’s last name and shared only with the editing team. You will submit your manuscript and receive the marked up document for review using the Dropbox folder.

Please submit:

  1. Microsoft Word document with your complete text, which adheres to 2018 JAIC Style Guide and these OSG Postprint guidelines
  2. Separate image files (named using the convention: Smith_fig7.jpg) for each figure in your paper. Please do not insert any images in the document itself.
  3. AIC Author License Agreement Form signed by the primary author(s)

Permissions and copyright

Authors are responsible for the accuracy of their submissions and for the methods and/or materials they present. Please ensure that you have all necessary permissions to publish your images. Under a licensing agreement, individual authors retain copyright to their work and extend publication rights to AIC.


Submissions are due one month after the close of the annual meeting. Editing will be done on a rolling basis, with a goal of publishing prior the next annual meeting. NB: We are currently behind schedule on publication but ask that authors strive to keep to submission deadlines nonetheless. Please email editors at for questions about submission deadlines and extensions.

Cross Publication with JAIC

Cross publication in JAIC is encouraged, though submissions should not be simultaneous. Please contact the OSG editors if you intend to publish in both.

Postprints Editors

Kari Dodson and Mary Wilcop