2017 | Volume Twenty-four

Proceedings of the Objects Specialty Group Session
45th Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois
Treatment 2017: Innovation in Conservation and Collection Care
May 28-June 2, 2017

Edited by Emily Hamilton, Kari Dodson, and Lara Kaplan, with Tony Sigel, Program Chair

*This volume is currently being edited – articles and full volume downloads will be available soon*

Postprints abstracts

  • The conservation of Della Robbia sculpture: An exhibition as initiator of work
    Abigail Hykin
  • Truth versus beauty: Maintaining visual unity in the treatment of Florentine polychrome terracotta sculpture
    Tony Sigel
  • The treatment of two terracotta architectural reliefs by Andrea della Robbia at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
    Carolyn Riccardelli and Wendy Walker
  • To B-72 or not to B-72? Alternative adhesives for archaeological ceramics
    Elisheva Kamaisky and Rachael Perkins Arenstein
  • Structural repair of plaster using polyvinyl butyral adhesive systems
    L. H. (Hugh) Shockey Jr.
  • Carbon fiber fabric and its potential for use in objects conservation
    Carolyn Riccardelli
  • So delicate, yet so strong: The use of paper in objects conservation
    Paula Artal-Isbrand
  • An evaluation of cold paste waxes used in conservation for outdoor bronze sculpture
    Julie Wolfe, Cristina L. Simms, Alessa Gambardella, Rosie Grayburn, Arlen Heginbotham, Herant Khanjian, Joy Mazurek, Alan Phenix, Katrina Posner, Michael Schilling, Magdalena Solano, Maria Olivia Davalos Stanton, and Hope Welder
  • Local treatment for outdoor painted metal sculptures: Designing suitable paints for retouching
    Nikki van Basten, Ulysses Jackson, and Rachel Rivenc
  • The case for cold: Using dry ice blasting to remove lacquer coating from the King Jagiello monument in Central Park
    Matt Reiley
  • Treatment of two badly damaged Egyptian mummies and associated wooden coffins
    JP Brown, Mimi Leveque, and Morgan Nau
  • Sitting pretty: Collaborative treatment of an early Yayoi Kusama soft-sculpture chair
    Fran Baas and Laura Eva Hartman
  • ‘Do what’s right’: The conservation of a David Hammons mud sculpture
    Roger Griffith, Lynda Zycherman, and Sasha Alexandra Drosdick

General Session

Tips Session

  • “Riveting” solutions for historic armors
    Kate Cuffari and Debra Breslin
  • “Stencil filling” technique for ceramics
    Paula Artal-Isbrand
  • Thermatech cleaning unit
    Justin Schwebler
  • Passivating stainless steel on site
    Lucinda Linderman
  • Stone translucent fills
    Rachel Sabino
  • Volara shaping
    Craig Deller

Unpublished presentation abstracts

Tips Session