2018 | Volume Twenty-five

Proceedings of the Objects and joint Objects + Archaeology Discussion Group Sessions
46th Annual Meeting in Houston, Texas
Material Matters
May 31-June 2, 2018

Edited by Emily Hamilton, and Kari Dodson, with Ariel O’Connor, Molly Gleeson and Francis Lukezic, Program Chairs

*This volume is currently being edited – articles and full volume downloads will be available soon*

Postprints abstracts

  • Manipulating materials: Preparing and using Paraloid B-72 adhesive mixtures
    Steve Koob
  • Visible effects of adhesive and pressure on color in kingfisher feathers
    Michaela Paulson
  • Manganese stain reduction on an Ancient Greek terracotta vase
    Sue Costello
  • Loss compensation on ceramics using photogrammetry, digital modeling and 3D printing
    Kate Garland
  • The use of 3D printing for casting proportional replicas used in the treatment of articulated skeletons
    Christine Haynes
  • Conditioning basketry elements with water and ethanol: An investigation into the effects of standard conservation methods
    Hayley Monroe
  • Facial reconstruction of Ancient Egyptian mummies: Experiences from the Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum
    Sanchita Balachandran
  • Gold working at Ur: A collaborative project to better understand ancient gold smithing
    Tessa de Alarcon
  • The tell-tales conservation of two 2,000 year old leather water skins
    Hadas Seri
  • Hot tub time machine: A heated water system for artifact disassembly and treatment
    William Hoffman
  • All that is gold does not glitter: Developing guidelines for the recovery of tin-plate on mineralized archaeological iron through material analysis
    Michelle Crepeau
  • Measuring the burial microenvironment on an archaeological site as an aid to the conservation management of artifacts in the museum
    Alice Boccia Paterakis
  • Keeping them ruby: The preservation of Dorothy’s ruby slippers
    Dawn Wallace
  • Eva Hesse addendum: Exploring materiality and emerging technologies
    Tamar Maor
  • Conserving alchemy: Bonded bronze and the art of Michael Richards
    Anne King
  • Preparing the Apollo 11 Columbia for its national tour
    Lisa Young
  • Ghost lives on: The treatment of Rachel Whiteread’s monumental plaster sculpture
    Judy Ozone
  • ‘Once in a whale’: The conservation treatment of historic cetacea at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History
    Bethany Palumbo
  • New ways of looking at historic ship models: A comparative technical study of a pair of Napier & Sons ship models in the Rijksmuseum collection
    Davina Kuh Jakobi
  • Ivory, bone, and hide: Material identification of a 19th century Greenland Inuit dog sledge collected by Admiral Perry
    Judy Jungels
  • Understanding the form, materials, and meaning of two ritual figures: Conservation and curatorial collaboration for the analysis and treatment of the historic arts of Africa
    Casey Mallinckrodt

Tips Session

  • Inpainting lines on Attic and other pottery
    Anthony Sigel
  • Update on changes in the refractive indices of Epotek epoxies, and the effect on choosing one to match glass
    Steve Koob, Astrid van Giffin, and Lianne Uesato
  • How to better and more easily cast B-72 films for loss compensation
    Steve Koob, Astrid van Giffin, and Lianne Uesato
  • Adhesive applicators: Hiding in plain sight
    Carolyn Riccardelli
  • Fun with agar and other rigid(ish) gels
    Pam Hatchfield
  • Favorite new sample containers in the field
    Pam Hatchfield and Eve Mayberger
  • Timbermate wood filler
    Tom Braun
  • Reference collection of treatment materials
    Linda Roundhill
  • Pallet tilters for accessing the underside of objects
    Karl Knauer
  • Otherwise impossible images: Orthorectified images from photogrammetry for object documentation
    JP Brown
  • Quick response tents
    Gretchen Anderson

Unpublished presentation abstracts