2013 | Volume Fifteen

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Jessica Keister


Papers and posters presented at the PMG session of the 2012 AIC Annual Meeting in Albuquerque, New Mexico, May 2012 

Effects of Enclosure pH on Cyanotypes and Blue Prints (Prussian Blue) (Abstract)
Lauren Held, Daniel Burge, and Douglas Nishimura

Further Studies in Digital Print Preservation (Abstract)
Daniel Burges 

Early Motion Picture Fragments at the Library of Congress (Abstract)
Dana C. Hemmenway 

Panoramic View of Mexico City by Photographer Claude Désiré Charnay
Maria Estibaliz Guzman-Solano and Diana Lorena Diaz-Cañas 

Conservation of an American Icon: the Reconstruction of the Lincoln Interpositive
Katherine Whitman 

The Proof is in the Print: Characterization and Collaboration in the Thomas Walther Collection Project at The Museum of Modern Art (Abstract)
Lee Ann Daffner 

A Surface Texture Library for Photographic Papers (Abstract)
Paul Messier 

An Initial Investigation into Japine: William Willis’s Proprietary Paper
Constance McCabe, Matthew L. Clarke, Christopher A. Maines, Lisa Barro, Silvia A. Centeno, and Anna Vila

Development and Use of the Photograph Information Record
Erin Murphy, Nora W. Kennedy, and Amy Brost 

Content Area Photograph Conservation: Teaching Conservation to Non-Native English Speakers
Jessica Keister 

Evaluation of Ultraviolet Filtration by Glazing and Display Case Materials (Abstract)
Morgan Simms Adams, Steven Weintraub, and Hannelore Roemich 

19th Century Photography in a Modern Chemistry Lab
Corina E. Rogge and Anikó Bezur 

Papers and posters presented at the 2013 Joint Meeting of the Photographic Materials Group & the International Council of Museums Committee for Conservation, Working Group Photographic Materials in Wellington, New Zealand, February 2013 

Preservation of Collections 

Earthquakes and their Aftermath: Lessons Learned from the Canterbury Quakes 2010-2011
Lynn Campbell 

Analysis and Comparison of Recent Large-Scale Emergencies Involving the Recovery of Photographs (Abstract)
Andrew Robb 

Result!!! Christchurch Earthquakes Test Canterbury Museum’s Quake-Proofing
Sasha Stollman 

The Fouad Debbas Collection (Lebanon) in the Core of a Regional Emergency Preparedness Strategy
Yasmine Chemali 

The Glass Plate Negative Project at the Heritage Conservation Centre
Jam Meng Tay 

A Novel Non-Adhesive Housing Mat for the Display and Storage of Broken Glass Plates
Ibrahim Abdel-Fattah 

Preservation of Historic Glass Plate Negatives in Low Budget Conditions (Abstract)
Amir R. M. Miyandabi, Rebecca Main, James Elwing, and Michael Myers 

Digitization of the Enemark Panoramic Nitrate Negatives (Abstract)
Jennifer Lloyd 

The Preservation Challenges of Historic Scientific Photographs (Abstract)
Brenda Bernier 

Preservation of Photographic Images for Future Generations: New Opportunities for Prints and Photo Books with a Conservator’s Perspective
Joseph E. LaBarca 

Actions for Preserving Digital Photographs (Abstract)
Millard Wesley Long Schisler 

Conservation of New Photographic Art: Direct Printing and Textile Artifacts
Pablo Ruiz García 

Transparent Things through which the Past Shines: Conservation of Holograms in the Collection of the National Gallery of Australia
Andrea Wise 

Analytical and Technical Studies 

The Effect of Environmental Pollutants on the Deterioration of the Daguerreotype Image (Abstract)
Robyn E. Hodgkins, Silvia A. Centeno, and Alejandro G. Schrott 

Using Electron Back Scattered Diffraction (EBSD) & Energy Dispersive Spectrometry (EDS) to Characterize the Surface of 19th Century and Modern Daguerreotypes
Patrick Ravines, Lisa H. Chan, Matt Nowell, and Rob McElroy 

A Summary of the National Science Foundation (SCIART) Supported Research of the Daguerreotype: George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film, and the University of Rochester
Ralph Wiegandt, Nicholas Bigelow, and Brian McIntyre 

The Platinum and Palladium Initiative: Tools and Strategies for Interdisciplinary Collaboration (Abstract)
Matthew L. Clarke, Alisha Chipman, Constance McCabe, Christopher A. Maines, and Sarah S. Wagner 

Measuring Color Change in Photographs (Abstract)
Katherine Sanderson 

Characterizing United Press International’s Unifax Facsimile Prints
Margaret Wessling

Pushing the Limits of the Identification of Photographs: Variants of the Gum Dichromate Process
Art Kaplan and Dusan Stulik 

Pigment-Based Photographic Processes: A Technical Study of Pictorialist Works in the Metropolitan Museum’s Collection (Abstract)
Anna Vila, Andreas Gruber, Silvia A. Centeno, Lisa Barro, and Nora W. Kennedy 

Crystalline Deterioration on Glass Cinema Slides
Kerry Yates, Shingo Ishikawa, and Mick Newnham 

Technical Investigation of a 20th Century Hand-Colored Opaltype
Greta Glaser

Fluorescence Fails: the Color of UVA-Induced Visible Fluorescence of Tintype Varnishes does not Discriminate between Varnish Materials
Corina E. Rogge and Krista Lough 

The Atlas of Analytical Signatures of Photographic Processes: Its Past, Present, and the Future
Dusan Stulik and Art Kaplan 

Carbon Isotope Analysis of Waxed Paper Negatives
Elyse Canosa, Gregory W. L. Hodgins, and Gawain Weaver 

Poitevin’s Precious Plates: Current Research at the Rijksmuseum (Abstract)
Martin Jürgens 

Conservation Treatment 

The Last Full Measure: An Exhibition of American Civil War Photographs from the Liljenquist Family Collection at the Library of Congress
Alisha Chipman and Dana C. Hemmenway 

Reconstruction of European Daguerreotype and Ambrotype Cover Glasses
Jens Gold 

Conservation of an Oversized Photographic Collage: First Phase
Diana Lorena Diaz-Cañas, Maria Elia Botello Miranda, and Maria Estibaliz Guzman-Solano 

Re-visiting Strip Lining of Large Format Photographs (Abstract)
Pip Morrison and Sarah Brown 

A Cost Effective Method for Removing Dry Mount Tissue from Photographic Prints
Cheryl Jackson 

Investigation of Fusion 4000 as an Alternative to Lascaux for Hinging Inkjet Prints
Alice Cannon 

Same Albums, Different Treatment Approaches: the Conservation of Two Photographic Albums from the First Modern Olympic Games in Athens, 1896
Adia Adamopoulou 

Saving Film History through Photography
Claudia Sofía Arévalo Gallardo 

Digital Fills for Photographs with Glossy Surfaces
Victoria Binder 

Acetate Base Stripping: a Preliminary Investigation into the Feasibility of Bulk Treatment
Caroline Garratt 

Sole Survivor: Re-evaluating and Conserving Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore’s Only Known Remaining Photomontage Used for Cahun’s 1930 Publication Aveux non Avenus (Disavowed Confessions)
Anne O’Hehir and Andrea Wise 

Conservation Education, Training, and Resources 

L’Atelier de Restauration et de Conservation des Photographies de la Ville de Paris (ARCP): Activities of the Preventive Conservation Section 2002-2012
Aurélie Perreux and Claire Tragni 

Preserving Underserved Historically Significant Photographic Collections: An Overview of the Andrew W. Mellon Funded Photographic Preservation Project with the Historically Black Colleges and Universities
Jessica Keister, Rachel Wetzel, and Barbara Lemmen 

Effective Advocacy and Partnerships: Lessons Learned from Global Photograph Preservation Initiatives
Debra Hess Norris, Martin Jürgens, Nora W. Kennedy, Bertrand Lavédrine, Paul Messier, and Tram Vo 

Extending Our Reach: Effective Methods for Engaging Allied and Public Audiences with Photograph Preservation
Heather Brown 

The Middle East Photograph Preservation Initiative 2011-2013: Mapping Photograph Archives and Training Collection Keepers
Rima Mokaiseh, Zeina Arida, Debra Hess Norris, Nora W. Kennedy, and Tram Vo 

Faking It in Analog Terms (Abstract)
Nora W. Kennedy 

Additional Papers 

Francesca Woodman’s Untitled Diazotype
Dana C. Hemmenway 

The Graphics Atlas
Ryan Boatright 

Separate but Equal: Testing Treatment Techniques to Separate Water-Damaged Blocked Film-Based Negatives from the Henry Clay Anderson Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African-American History and Culture
Alisha Chipman 

Notice to the Reader: Talbot’s The Pencil of Nature in Canada
Lynn Curry, Tania Passafiume, Geneviève Samson, and Meaghan Scanlon

Photographic Activity Tests of Various Adhesives Suggested for Use on Water-Sensitive Photographs
Jane Down, Joe Iraci, and Greg Hill

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